Master Microsoft Excel with Comprehensive Training Courses

Discover the power of Microsoft Excel, the industry-leading spreadsheet program used across many office sectors. Our specialised Excel courses offer comprehensive instruction, equipping you with the skills to effectively manage, calculate, and format data. Whether you’re a professional seeking to enhance your financial analysis capabilities or an office worker looking to boost your productivity, our Excel courses provide the knowledge and expertise you need.

Investing in your Excel skills through Pitman Training will not only enhance your professional value but also empower you to stand out in your current role or even future endeavors. Don’t miss the opportunity to master this essential tool and take your career to new heights. Enrol in a Microsoft Excel course at Pitman Training and unlock your potential for success.

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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel, an integral component of the Microsoft Office suite, is renowned as the world’s leading spreadsheet program. It serves as a versatile tool for organising, analysing, and presenting data in a visually appealing manner.

Excel is widely used in various industries for data management, financial analysis, reporting, and more. By becoming proficient in Excel, you’ll be able to streamline tasks, analyze data effectively, and present information in a clear and visually appealing manner. This expertise will make you a valuable asset to employers, opening doors to a wide range of job opportunities.

Our Excel training courses empower users to maximise the potential of this powerful software. You’ll learn essential techniques for data management, calculation, formatting, and more. From basic calculations to intricate formulas and dynamic visualisations, our courses cover a range of skills to enhance your Excel proficiency.

Explore our Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Office

Excel – Macros and VBA (with Lab)

Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can save you hours and boost productivity by automating your most repetitive tasks. In this course, you will…

Microsoft Office


Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. In Part 1, you will learn how to use the core features of Excel, such as…

Microsoft Office

Excel Expert

In this course, you will learn advanced-level features of Microsoft Excel, such as macros, PivotTables, PivotCharts, and data analysis tools to help you make data-driven…

General Office Skills Courses

ICDL Courses (Formerly ECDL Courses)

This course is the way to gain your ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) qualification. Here, we offer a professionally-written ICDL course split into modules. You…

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Power BI

Make your data come to life with attractive, interactive reports in Power BI. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Power BI’s analytics tools…

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel Level 1 – Seminar

Our Microsoft Excel Level 1 Seminar is a highly practical, tutor-led session. It is suitable for those at beginner level and will teach you how…

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel Level 2 – Seminar

This Level 2 Excel Seminar is suitable for those with some pre-existing experience using this popular spreadsheet programme. Throughout the course of this one-day seminar…

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel Level 3 – Seminar

This Level 3 Excel Seminar is run over the course of one day. It is tutor-led but highly practical in nature. You'll gain hands on…

Why do I need to learn Excel?

Microsoft Excel is essential for anyone involved in accounting, reporting and planning. It is most crucial for those who deal with large data sets regularly. Are you looking to start a finance-focused career? If so, learning how to use Microsoft Excel is a critical building block to success. For numerous fields, gaining a Microsoft Excel certification will improve your career prospects.

At Pitman Training, our Microsoft Excel courses cover all levels of experience. We have courses from beginner and intermediate to advanced courses for experts. Also, we offer excel courses online or in centre.

Why choose a Pitman Training Microsoft Excel course?

  • Our programs have a reputation for the highest calibre of learning. Thus, Pitman Training Excel training is a mark of excellence for any employee.
  • Our range of Excel courses covers everything from basic spreadsheet formatting and ECDL training to advanced Excel skills, such as creating pivot tables, macros and formulas.
  • Looking to enhance your skills and improve your employability? You can combine your Excel training with a related Pitman Training course. Learning Excel often pairs well with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office courses.
  • You can find our Excel training centres across the UK, with courses running all year long. If that isn’t convenient, there are Excel courses online, too. This way, you have the chance to learn Excel formulas at home.
  • You can choose to train anytime you like. Whether full-time or part-time, you enjoy a flexible schedule that fits your timetable.

Careers in Microsoft Excel

A basic level of Excel understanding is crucial for the vast majority of office roles. This includes Office ManagersPersonal Assistants and Secretaries.

Advanced Excel skills, on the other hand, are essential for careers in finance. Bookkeeping and Accounting are two such financial careers. They depend on a deep understanding of Excel and its functions.

Excel Courses Available

Our beginner Excel course is ideal for those with limited Excel knowledge. This course will help them to develop their skills further. Alternatively, our ECDL course offers a wider scope of fundamental IT skills. This includes learning Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

If you are already fairly confident with handling data, you can further enhance your knowledge. Check out our range of intermediate Microsoft Excel seminars. We offer Level 1Level 2 and Level 3 seminars to help you continue growing in your career. These one-day seminars are practical and speedy workshops. They guide learners through the more advanced features of Excel.

For finance-specific careers, we offer our Excel Expert course. This course will bring you up to speed on the more advanced features of the Excel program. Whichever Excel course you choose, online or in-centre, we pledge our support. Our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way. Just contact us for a free, friendly career consultation with the training experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tutor-led training seminar a better way for you to learn?

Absolutely, tutor-led seminars, commonly known as instructor-led training sessions, offer an engaging and interactive approach to learning. Led by seasoned professionals, these sessions ensure a deeper understanding of the subject matter, providing immediate feedback and personalized attention. Whether it’s employee training or corporate skill development, these instructor-led sessions encourage direct interaction, fostering an environment conducive to active learning. At Pitman Training, our extensive collection of tutor-led training videos combines the flexibility of online learning with the live guidance of expert instructors.

Are the courses approved?

Yes our courses are accredited by awarding bodies and accepted by all employers.

When do the courses start?

We have monthly intakes for every course, please enquire to find out more.

I work nights, can I study part-time?

Yes, we recommend all our students allocate 8 to 10 hours per week. All our courses take up to 3 months to complete and our diplomas take up to 1 year.

Who will train me?

Some of our certifications are studied online using our interactive platform and some of our diplomas are conducted via online seminars.

Do I study online or at a training centre?

We offer a blended learning approach. Our courses and diplomas can be studied remotely from the comfort of your own home. You also have the option to also study in our centers if you prefer face-to-face learning.

If I fail an exam?

One re-sit is provided for our courses. However, we have a very high pass rates in completing the assessments.

Can I pay back over a period of time?

Yes, we offer various payment plans up to 36 months to help split the cost over a manageable period of time.

What is the cost?

Our costs vary for our courses and diplomas and start from as little as £20 per month over a 36-month payment plan period. Fill in the form to find out more.

Finance Options

Wherever possible our training is tailored to your needs. The cost of our training programmes depend on the course(s) you choose and varies according to duration and breadth. Rest assured we have a number of payment options available to ensure the cost of training is affordable and can be worked alongside your other financial commitments. Common ways people fund their training include: –


  • Flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost* available at many of our centres;
  • You could opt to pay upfront.

Company Funded:

Requesting funding from your employers needn’t be a daunting task. Many employers support and encourage their employees with their professional development and consider it a worthwhile investment to fund any training required.

What we can help with:

  • Providing a comprehensive training programme outlining learning outcomes
  • Tailored personnel letters
  • Communication with finance departments to arrange payment options (upfront or payment plan*).

Funding & Grants:

There may be the opportunity to apply for funded grants that can help towards the cost of training. These include the Skills Development Scotland ITAs and the ReAct programme in Wales. All schemes will have different terms and conditions that will need to be met in order to qualify for a grant and these are managed by each individual centre.

We’d recommend you speak to a Course Advisor in your local centre to find out whether they are registered to offer any such schemes and discuss your requirements further.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Speak to a Course Advisor for full information on the options available to you.

Career Path

A great diploma that can help open the doors to a variety of careers thanks to its unique tailor-made set up. You could work towards any number of office administration type careers in roles such as Medical Secretary, Legal Secretary, PA, EA or Office Manager. Alternatively, you could utilise the skills gained to kick-start a rewarding career in an accounting role with positions such as Bookkeeper, Accounts Assistant or Finance Assistant.

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