Faique Scores IELTs 7 Band with Pitman English
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Faique Scores IELTs 7 Band with Pitman English

Faique is an ambitious individual. He always wanted to go abroad for his higher studies. To make his dream come true, he required to clear the IELTS test with a 7 band. He was looking for an institution for his IELTS preparation.

After a thorough research he came across Pitman Training Pakistan. Here at Pitman Training we believe in Transforming Careers and Changing Lives.

“I have been following Pitman for Months and I attended the Introductory Classes also. Joined in June for Pitman English. It took only 2 weeks to Achieve Band 7 IELTS score for my Studies Abroad. My learning experience was beyond my expectations.I would highly recommend everyone.”

Faique is currently in Malaysia living his dream.