While many of her friends were getting ready to go off to university Emily chose a different route. After completing a Secretarial Diploma she tried a bookkeeping course and was hooked!

Now a trainee accountant for Albert Goodman what would she say to other school leavers? “Don’t to be afraid to take a different path at school to everyone else, I was in the minority of people at school that didn’t go to uni. Don’t feel pressured into going to uni, ultimately do what you enjoy. Be confident to try as many opportunities that you are offered. Research alternative routes/courses/training contracts that are becoming more widely available nowadays.

Pitman Training commented “We couldn’t agree more with Emily – treading your own path is not always easy but it has paid off for Emily as she’s really found something she enjoyed. It’s important to give yourself chance to explore what skills you’d like to hone in on by identifying what you really enjoy.