Pitman Training proved to be a transformative experience for Gaenor, who sought to enhance her knowledge of Microsoft programs and gain a deeper understanding of the legal secretary role.

With a background in law studies and prior administrative jobs, Gaenor chose Pitman based on positive reviews and family recommendations. Opting for the Administrative Assistant Diploma course to, “Further [her] knowledge of Microsoft programs,” Gaenor found the learning experience excellent. “There was [help] always available, courses were easy to understand, [and she received] quick results from validation tests.”

The ability to study from home and online was a significant advantage, while the friendly team at Pitman created an enjoyable learning environment for Gaenor. Access to a Learning Coach proved highly beneficial, offering valuable help and advice for her educational journey.

Ultimately, Gaenor’s training with Pitman equipped her with valuable Microsoft and administrative skills, which she states, “Allowed [her] to add the knowledge of Microsoft and other admin roles to [her] CV.” These new skills bolstering her career prospects and confidence.

Gaenor wholeheartedly recommends Pitman Training to others seeking comprehensive courses with dedicated support.