Vasileios Koletsis' Journey with Pitman Training UK
Vasileios Koletsis' Journey with Pitman Training UK
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Transforming Dreams Into Success: Vasileios Koletsis’ Journey With Pitman Training

Meet Vasileios Koletsis, an eager student with big dreams and a diverse background. He learned about Pitman Training, and it gave him the chance to change his career and follow his passion for something new. Before this, he studied computers in Greece and worked as a bartender for nearly 20 years.

Vasileios chose Pitman because it seemed like a good option, and he really wanted to make his dreams come true. He decided to study Data Analysis because it meant he could learn more about software and what companies need these days.

Learning was a bit tough for Vasileios because English wasn’t his first language, but he didn’t give up! With help from the friendly team at Pitman Training, he made it through. He says, “With the incredible professional and human support from the professional team of Pitman Training Glasgow, everything became possible.”

Having a Learning Coach was a big help for Vasileios, especially when he had to learn online from home. Vasileios is thankful for all the support. He says, “They were always there, always with a warm smile and willingness to listen to you. They made you feel so calm and optimistic and that there is always a solution to all problems. Thank you very much for your professional and human support. I am grateful to you.”

His training at Pitman Training didn’t just change his career; it changed his life. He’s more confident and uses what he learned in his job. And he plans to keep learning.

Vasileios has some advice for anyone thinking about learning something new: “You can still do it even if you are working and have a busy family life. And even if you are already doing the job, it’s a great way to improve and gain more knowledge to be the best you can be.”

In the end, Vasileios wants to say a big thank you to Pitman Training for giving him the chance to change his life. His story shows that with hard work and good education, you can make your dreams come true!